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Classic Track of the Week – Mothers Talk

I wouldn’t call Tears For Fear the one of the most underrated bands arounf, a couple monster #1 hits means they got more than their fair share of recognition. However, I’m not exactly sure why “Mothers Talk” wasn’t the FOURTH monster hit from their huge 1985 album, Songs From the Big Chair. Okay.. maybe it’s …

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Classic Track of the Week – Wild, Wild West

I don’t know if there are many #1 hits as “forgotten” as the 1988 smash “Wild, Wild West” by the Escape Club. But this was a pure slice of pop heaven. From the pseudo slide-guitar instrumental hook opening, to the faux-reggae/rap bridge, this song always lifted my day, and it still does. The opening lyrics, …

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Classic Track of the Week – Original Sin

I was talking about Jim Steinman the other day with my co-writer, Chris Williams… and this speck of a thought formed in the back of my mind… Didn’t Taylor Dayne do a Jim Steinman song back in the 90’s? I couldn’t come up with the name of the song, but I did remember it was …

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