CC05 – Too Many Talents?Never

Why being multi-talented is essential for a career in the arts as a creative entrepreneur

If you are multi-talented and aiming for a career in the arts, I bet you have had way too many people tell you you need to focus on one thing. But a creative career should are always evolving, and you will likely need to become a creative entrepreneur, let’s call it artpreneur, to thrive.

I’ve always done too many things, and in my 25 years of working as a full-time creative professional, I have used every one of them, and picked up a few more along the way.

In fact, I feel pretty confident that if I HAD listened to everyone, I would not have been able to make creativity a full-time career. And the majority of my working friends feel the same.
I’ll tell you how I have made a huge advantage out of being a multi-creative, so you can start to figure it out for yourself as well.