Drama Queen – Audio Book – Mystery/Humor

This book was a whole lot of fun. It is marketed as gay fiction, and is set in a theatre with lots of wild and fun characters, as we all know the theatre is filled with! I got a chance to meet and interview the author, Joe Cosentino, in New York City, and I’ll be airing that interview on Broadway Bullet later this year.

You can get the book HERE at Audible.

Here’s what some reviewers have been saying…

Reviews on Audible:

“An in-the-buff zing to the small town murder story”

Nicky and Noah are two sexy leading characters who conduct the investigation this comedic caper with wit and style. The supporting cast can only have been built on the follies and foibles of real drama students and instructors.

The narrator delivered on the fast paced humor, the character nuances, and sheer entertainment. It’s a rare jewel when you can hear the narrator actually smile while delivering the lines, and I heard it several times. — Review by Vince Bastion

“Fun mystery, full of wit, humor and romance”

I found myself rooting for Nicky & Noah’s budding romance, intrigued with trying to solve the mystery, and laughing out loud at the antics in this book. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

The narrator, Michael Gilboe, does a fine job at capturing the wit and sarcasm in the writing, moving the story along at a nice pace, and creating fun and identifiable character voices. — review by Harold S.

Review on Lily G. Blunt’s BLOG

A light-hearted murder mystery and gay romance peppered with innuendo and a mix of corny and amusing asides. A well-written and enjoyable read that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The audio version was an excellent production. Michael Gilboe’s voice and fast-paced narration suited the tongue-in-cheek story and made each of the many characters’ voices clearly distinguishable

Review on Joyfully Jay

I have to give props to narrator Gilboe. He gave the characters individual voices and maintained consistency throughout the story. Nicky and Noah and a few other characters had what I feel were authentic voices and the rest of the cast were more along the lines of caricatures based on their personalities — depressed, manic, hyper, an so on. Because the voices mirrored the character’s moods, this allowed Gilboe to vary the pace and play with intonation, which added variety to the narration.


Author: Michael