Everyone should have a chance to work with one of their idols.

“Frasier” is my favorite TV show of all time. This is in no small part to David Hyde Pierce who brought an amazing mix of honesty, empathy and an uncanny knack for physical comedy to his role of Niles Crane that won him FOUR Emmy awards (and 7 more nominations). He was the straight man to Frasier Crane’s antics, except apparently no one told him to be the straight man!

He has since turned his gifts to the Theatre, winning a Tony Award in the process. And he participated on the BMI, “No More Revivals” CD I am producing and engineering.

To say it was a bit surreal having him recording in my own studio would be a bit of an

understatement. The fact that I was giving suggestions and tips to someone whose talent I have been in awe of for years… the feeling is indescribable. The fact that he incorporated pretty much all of my suggestions and wrapped them up in a truly fantastic vocal performance feels like more than I could have ever asked, but it is there. And in February, when the CD comes out, the whole world will get to hear a different side of him as he sings a gorgeous, very serious dramatic song.

Oh, and the fact that he is an incredibly nice, gracious and humble person made the day truly magical. I wish this experience for everyone.

If you are unfamiliar with his work outside of Frasier, (and you SHOULD be) find out more HERE

Author: Michael