Mayhills – Interview on Creativity and Workflow

This hour long interview with Drew Mayhills is worth it. Whatever type of artist you are. They talk very little about specific music tools. But he gets into all of my four big topics, which is rare in an interview.

PURPOSE: He talks about why he prefers to not make music his full-time job & how he takes satisfaction in his art and where it fits in his life.

PRACTICE: He talks about what steps he takes to make sure he moves his craft forward and what his expectations are for the quality of his work.

PRODUCTIVITY: He talks about the steps he takes to make sure he finds the time to get his work done

PROMOTION: He talks about how he puts together press releases and and how he has found other, off-the beaten path ways for making money with his music (Playing for Yoga lessons) and then (for me the ultimate) wraps that around to how that work informs his purpose and practice.

Anyone who takes the time to listen to this whole interview will NOT be disappointed.