Midnight Riders – Fantasy/Historical/Humor – Audiobook

I had an absolute blast working on this one. History, blended with monsters? Yes, please! Check this one out at Audible

Everyone has heard of the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. However, they have not heard about them this way! The American Founding Fathers had a lot more to deal with at the end of the 18th century than tariffs and tea; avoiding hurled trees from wendigos and gargoyles falling from the sky took a lot of patience. How is Samuel Prescott supposed to hunt the leader of the Rippers when the British keep infringing upon the colonists’ rights?


Reviews from listeners at Audible

“Midnight Book Riders”

Midnight Riders by Pete Clark is the third book by someone i never heard of before that surprised me in a good way. Is it the best thing ever? Neh, but gosh this is funny! Yeah, this is a funny book, and who does not like a funny book? Midnight Riders is a alternate history of the beginnings of the USA book, and i love that.

Is Michael Gilboe a good narrator? Well, yes and no. I think he brings something to the book with this reading. Saying that is good, but it took some time to get used to his reading style, and i think you ether hate it or love it, and after a long time i loved him. So I would recommend his reading style!

“History Would Have Been A Lot More Fun!”

Yogi Berra said “90% of the game is half mental.” I believe that that audio books are very similar, but with different percentages; 51% story and 49% narrator. Michael Gilboe brings believability does a great job with all of the voices that were required for this story

“Interesting and colorful”He went all out on his narration. He made this feel like a combination of watching a live play, an audio-book and a Monty Python movie.“Mel Brooks and Monty Python got together and…”

Personally, the best giggle was Swamp Fox Francis Marion knitting sox! Since this is mostly set before my time (retired Rev War re-enactor), I was freely able to enjoy the silliness without rancor.
The personalities are skewed from the traditional drivel, and the additional threats from supernatural beings is a hoot. Satire and humor rule the day (and night) in this unconventional romp thru apparent history, so leave reality in the kitchen and enjoy the laughs. M. Gilboe has the snark and wiseassery down pat and gives a great performance!

“Absolutely loved it.”

Michael Gilboe did an excellent job capturing the humor and satire of the book. His characters were outrageous and the accents suitably stereotypical. Listening to Gilboe narrate this book is the only way to enjoy it.


Author: Michael