My Flight of the Conchords Interview

I love Flight of the Conchords, and because I don’t have HBO, I haven’t had a chance to start watching the series until recently. It’s funny, and dead-pan, and I would say it amounts to the first successful piece of Musical-Theatre television yet. I also love their clear affinity for Musical Theatre performers with Sutton Foster and Luther Creek having appeared over the course of the first four episodes.

It’s great as well, as I had a chance to interview them before they hit really big at SXSW in March of 2006. In fact, I just noticed that they used footage from that interview in their documentary, “A Texan Odyssey”. And in fact, a portion of that was used in their “best Of” YouTube Clip.

Here is the YouTube clip, and you can catch me (in my Next Big Hit T-Shirt) about 4:34 into the clip.


It has been fun watching their rise.. their HBO success, and the fantastic #3 debut of their CD on the Billboard Album charts. I look forward to more great and funny things from them!