Playlist Adds – Sept. 13 (Pet Shop Boys, Years & Years, Morgxn, OMD and Howard Jones)

Follow this playlist for a great mix of classic, modern and deep track New Wave and Synthpop.

Howard Jones & BT – If I Could Be the One

It’s kind of fitting that the first song I’m writing about here is from Howard Jones. I remember when I was young watching Solid Gold on TV and seeing this weirdo behind a stack of synthesizers, and I thought, “That’s EXACTLY what I want to be!”

Certainly a small moment that was one of the most influential in my life. Not only is Howard Jones still making music, but he is just as good, if not better than ever. Utterly dance able, smart lyrics, absolutely dreamy, lush synth-work, his collaboration with BT is a delicious surprise. The album, Transform, is fantastic as well. Howard Jones proves here that he doesn’t deserve to be trapped in the 80s

Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark – Liberator

Again, this popped up in my release radar this morning. I didn’t even know they were still making music. Andy McClusky and Paul Humprey’s vocals are immediately familiar, like a warm fire. The songwriting is familiar… but… the music is surprising. Heavy and dark, but somehow playfully light at the same time. It is a fresh new sound, and good to hear these artists still exploring new territory.

Pet Shop Boys and Years & Years – Dreamland

I almost shrieked like a little girl as this song popped into my new release radar the morning I was first putting out this blog.

If there were any justice in the world, this would be a smash on the radio right now. It’s hook is immediate, the production is as warm and pulsing as anyone could ask for synthpop to be.

This collaboration is MAGICAL. It succeeds on all fronts. Most important for a collab, it sound like both their talents combined. Not just vocally, you can absolutely hear the musical influence each of them bring. If anything, it makes me respect Years & Years even more. It proves to me they aren’t behind a different producer.

Morgxn – OMM!

Morgxn has made me a fan very fast. I first heard him with his collaboration with Walk the Moon on “Home”, and it made me want to check out more. He is one of my faves in this Modern New Wave movement. He wears his influences on his sleeve and brings it into this century. The groove is in your face, but the vocals and synth horn lines drift on the pitch in a lazy, cool way… perfect for enjoying the last warm weekend or two.

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