Professor Copperhead

Professor Copperhead’s special blend of Electronic Pop is a mix of contemporary EDM and House with a healthy dose of 80’s British New Wave. He loves filling the sonic canvas with lush layers of instrumentation and background vocals to take the listener on a three dimensional journey. He has been greatly influenced by the commercial and underground British pop of the eighties; Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Thompson Twins and Erasure featured heavily on his playlists. In the 2000’s, the bold, dramatic pop of Keane, Robbie Williams, and Goldfrapp captivated him. He has loved the genre bending from current dance artists such as Zedd, Avicii and Martin Garrix.

As he hopes fans of artists such as these are lifted by his own brand of melodic pop, Copperhead feels cheated that he grew up in Montana In the United States instead of The UK, Norway or Sweden.

When he is not making music, Professor Copperhead goes by the name Michael Gilboe and is a professor of music and theatre at University of Providence, and has a vLog on YouTube, Creativity Control, where he helps artists deal with all the issues they weren’t taught about in school.