With election season (already?) kicking into high gear… I figured it was time to share one of my pop songs again… “Spin Doctor” is a sarcastic, groove-heavy song in the vein of Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”… Enjoy!

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Spin Doctor

Music & Lyrics by Michael Gilboe


Verse 1

Whatcha got deep in the dirt?

Whatcha got soiling your shirt?

Whether it’s back in the past or last night

You know it’s coming under, under the spotlight


Dead men never tell any tales

But there’s something else that never fails

When something boils to the top of the pot, stop

Ducking for cover, baby you got caught


But you don’t have to sweat

If there’s one thing you can get



Spin it, Spin it, ‘Cause if you spin it

Don’tcha know they’re gonna forget it in a minute

Just spin it, spin it, Baby just spin it around

The spin doctor won’t ever let you down


Verse 2

It’s not about telling lies

Just pull the wool over my eyes

Ya just sweeten the truth with some juice

Until you get your head out, out of the tight noose


So you don’t have to cry

‘Cause someone else can fry


(Someone call a doctor) I got a headache

(Someone call a doctor) I don’t need drugs

(Someone call a doctor) There’s sharks in the water

(Someone call a doctor) And they’re out for blood

Is there a spin doctor, spin doctor

Doctor, Doctor in the house?


I think you need me, I got a PhD

In miscommunication from M.I.T

I got the words I know the press loves to sing

At the start of a scandal, all I hear is Ka-Ching

If you’re into strippers on the company dime

Divin’ in the black market, crossin’ over the line

Into underage girls, too many overdue fines

The only number you need to know is mine

You can’t ignore it, if you try to run

They’re gonna stick you on a spit and slow roast you ‘till your done

It’ll cost you, either way you’re screwed

Just fork over the green and I’ll tell you what to do

I’ll turn your cocaine bash into a charity night

Your dug up trash will disappear from sight

They may find the cash, but they won’t indite

But only if you got me to spin it right

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